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A list of recycling


       Indispensable technology to regenerate a waste

    Hydropyromex is a system which can operate independent or in tandem
   with Hydromex, Hydromed, and Waste T 'Con based on the environmental
   laws and regulations of the country of application. Hydropyromex
   characteristic: full operating or simulated drying / roasting process with the
   main target of volume reduction and/or material destruction, especially
   organic components present in the pre-shredded residuals / leftovers.
   Operating temperature of a simulted drying – roasting process are between
   100° - 220° Celsius without generating any burning / combustion smoke
   and therefore no after burner is needed and the generated steam and
   condensate water will be channeled back into a main shredding chamber.
   Operating temperature above 250° - 375°Celsius. The system will operate
   with an additional after burner (1,100° Celsius operating temperature) and
   the generated exhaust heat can be reused for steam drying of pre-cast product,
   in combination with power generation and the leftover exhaust after passing
   thru a 4-chamber wet scrubber system will be channeled back into the main
   shredding chamber. By low temperature operation the pre-shredded material
   volume reduction can be calculated by 45% – 55% especially on the plastic /
   plastic like residuals. The volume reduction by high temperature operation
   are calculated with 85% and the material (organic based and organic
   compounds) will be converted into carbon black like substance / powder which
   allows an easy segregation / separation of organic and inorganic components
   after this roasting process. The characteristic of the system are: no emission,
   no burning by low temperature operation, no discharge, no leftovers except
   finished products, disposal safe high density materials, modular systems,
   multi-functional / mobile and stationary equipment designs, and the additives
   used are only for the generation of finished products. No process chemicals
   and reaction control chemicals needed during the whole conversion process.

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