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A list of recycling


    Safe disposal technology of industrial waste water

      Hydrobiomech, is especially for municipal and industrial waste water 
      treatment which can handle different waste water forms such as: dye waste
      water, coolants, septic tank waste in solid and liquid form, chemical and
      heavy metal contaminated waste water stream and sludge’s.
      The characteristic of the system: the system can be mobile or stationary,
      modular in its capacity and function, and the reactivated former waste
      water can be reused for secondary applications. The process itself and some
      of its possible variations can be use for water reactivation such as: swimming
      pool, fish pond, water reactivation and reuse for the livestock raising
      industry, subdivision and condominium complexes, etc. The characteristic of
      the system are: no emission, no burning, no discharge, no leftovers except
      finished products, disposal safe high density materials, modular systems,
      multi-functional / mobile and stationary equipment designs, and the
      additives used are lower on the toxicity level compared to the residual
      waste to be treated.

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