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   Hydromex THW
    Safe and effective disposal technology of hazardous industrial waste

     Four reagents comprise the basic components to the Hydromex THW
     processes. With special formulations and reaction conditions controlled
     by timing and temperature, many of the typical hazardous industrial
     wastes can be treated and neutralized for safe disposal or creation of
     various by products including various building and construction usable

From extremely hazardous hospital wastes to sulphuric acid to
     polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and furans, many of today's
     most hazardous and toxic waste streams can be completely managed by
     Hydromex THW programs.

     Hydromex THW programs are carefully tested and customized lines of
      chemical recipes specified against determined waste streams. Consultation
     on specific waste streams means research and testing to determine
     appropriate measures for neutralization. Hydromex THW generated
     solutions have helped various corporate clients including Proctor & Gamble,
     Toyota, Nestle and Kodak to name a few.


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